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Effective Inclusion of Learners with ADHD

Effective Inclusion of Learners with ADHD

SESN Andrew Whitehouse

What to expect on the Course...


This course focusses on the understanding that learners with these conditions may communicate/present differently to neurotypical learners but can still achieve their potential with the implementation of appropriate interventions.  It will cover the following:


  • An overview of how the impairments affecting learners with ADHD/ADD may cause barriers to learning (What is ADHD? The key features of ADHD).
  • Meeting the educational needs of the learner with ADHD.  Some interactive activities and simple and effective strategies designed to meet a range of needs based on the impairments.
  • Strategies and interventions for adapting the sensory environment to meet the behavioural needs of learners with ADHD/ADD.
  • Strategies and interventions for including and integrating the learner with ADHD.
  • Why learners with ADHD/ADD need Visual Interventions and how they can benefit from them.
  • An investigation into the type of language and presentation suitable for the needs of learners with ADHD/ADD.
  • Promoting positive behaviour through effective practice.


Next Course date: 29th March 2019 10am - 3pm


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