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Parental Support


Parental Support


In order for SESN and its school to develop its whole schools approach we believe it is necessary to continually develop strong links with parents and carers and the home environment. We believe this positive involvement and engagement will improve your child's wellbeing, attendance, externalised behaviours, increase in a sense of belonging within out schools and further their attainment and progress. 


Parents are encouraged to contact the school staff if they are facing or likely to face any difficulties, and where the school may be able to assist in some way. We would always welcome any questions or queries you may have. 


Local Support


SESN and its staff will ensure we are able to signpost you and the family if you require any additional support. However you can access all the support available locally through the Lincolnshire Family Services Directory and Local Offer. 


Go to the Family Services Directory Homepage


Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Concerns


If you have any concerns around your child's mental health and wellbeing, please call us to discuss your concerns and observations as early as possible. You can also find additional information through our Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy here




If your child is absent from school, please inform us by 8.30am with a reason for their absence. If you are having difficulties with your child attending school, please contact our Centre Manager who will be able to discuss your concerns and work with you to seek options in order to support you and your child. You can gain additional information through our attendance page here



Further Education, Careers and Employment


If your child is currently exploring their further education options, school staff will support with impartial guidance and raise awareness of the opportunities available to them and how it looks to meet their personal and professional interests. Staff will liaise with you and your child throughout to ensure there is a smooth transition to further education. If you child has an EHCP, we will ensure regular communication with the further education provider in order to better understand your child's needs. Additional information can be accessed through our Careers Pathway page here which will also provide you with a number of external website to offer additional advice and guidance. 



Key Staff:

Karen Smith - Centre Manager and Designated Safeguard Lead

Nicci Simpson - Student Outreach Worker

Chloe Sinclair - Administration and Attendance

Our Principles

Every individual should be continually encouraged to develop and succeed by uncovering their abilities and talents

Exposure to new experiences, venture and skills are essential to develop a young person’s confidence and desire to learn

An educational environment should be inviting and a place in which young people want to be because it meets their needs and their interests

Innovative without the prescription of linear education

green line

We will not only inspire young people but also the teachers and professionals involved

There is a need to promote a healthy diet and healthy, balanced lifestyle