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4 Strides Equestrian

4 Strides Equestrian

SESN in partnership with 4 Strides Equestrian UK Ltd have developed its Equine Assisted Education Provision offering young people a fantastic opportunity to develop additional personal skills and obtain their education through an alternative setting. Through our bespoke programmes, this unique working ranch provides physical activities, concomitant with running a riding establishment. This includes handling horses, and carrying out associated duties relating to their health and welfare e.g. leading, grooming, bathing, hoof care, tack, feeding, watering and paddock care. 


4 Strides Equestrian UK Ltd, works in partnership with a variety of associations and organisations, locally, nationally and internationally within Barrel Racing. To date, it is the only barrel racing business in the UK. 4 Strides pride themselves on making barrel racing an accessible and affordable sport that is inclusive to all equestrians from all equestrian disciplines, regardless of prior experience type of horse or riding style. 


4 Strides Equestrian use equines as the medium for activites which foster positive attributes in individual, bring about behavioural change and restore a sense of purpose in individuals. 


For more information please download our Equine Assisted Education Provision Information Pack


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Our Principles

Every individual should be continually encouraged to develop and succeed by uncovering their abilities and talents

Exposure to new experiences, venture and skills are essential to develop a young person’s confidence and desire to learn

An educational environment should be inviting and a place in which young people want to be because it meets their needs and their interests

Innovative without the prescription of linear education

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We will not only inspire young people but also the teachers and professionals involved

There is a need to promote a healthy diet and healthy, balanced lifestyle